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Promote you and your company through DallasBlue! DallasBlue features 10,000 executive, CEO and professional members, 25,000 total DFW readers, and 35,000 international contacts, powerful mailing lists, and a variety of venues where we can promote new programs, hold meetings, and get you publicity in return. We offer a variety of Programs for sponsors, advertisers, speakers, and volunteers that put YOU in front of top North Texas executives and professionals.



Company Events


DallasBlue is ready to help you with your event, whether you already have it planned or want us to create a regular or custom event just for you. Take advantage of all or part of our large readership and event promotions, planning, venue, and hosting expertise.



"Our product showcase with DallasBlue was a terrific success. Marc at DallasBlue personally worked with me throughout, including format, program, copy, scheduling, promotions, incentives, hosting, and follow-up. The results were outstanding. LogoMark had wide exposure across DallasBlue's many thousands of readers. Everyone at the event had a great time networking and got to see how the Design Center worked as a resource for DFW businesses. Most important was the bottom line. There was great interest in our products and we expect excellent business as a result. I'm excited about planning another event with them. Way to go, DallasBlue!" ~ John Simonetta, Owner Simonetta Freelance, http://www.simonetta.us/


DallasBlue Company Events work because everyone wins!



  • Learn about and enjoy a special event program that often is free 



  • Offers new events and new locations to better serve our ten thousand members.



  • Reach thousands of DallasBlue Executives both on our newsletters and calendar.
  • Invite DallasBlue executives to and show off your facilities
  • If it's a DallasBlue event, speak to welcome event attendees and receive event discounts for sponsor staff


We can help you both with events that are strictly yours or events that DallasBlue helps plan.


Your Event


Sometimes you already have an event planned, such as a company seminar or open house, but you need to reach out to a new or large audience to make sure you get out the message and bring in a good crowd.


DallasBlue is the solution.  We promote your event in our newsletters, just like we would one of our own events. We're meeting experts and will also work with you on your message, copy, and incentives such as discounts and door prizes to maximize interest.


The fee starts at $1,450 for our services and DallasBlue marketing, including marketing, promotion, a listing on our calendar, and ongoing editorial coverage in the DallasBlue Executive newsletter and LinkedIn group.



DallasBlue or Joint Event


If you don't have a specific event already planned, we can work with you on venue and program.  We've delivered over 100 events over the past 10 years with a wide array of formats from happy hour mixers to CEO seminars to expos to multiday conferences. Depending on the program and your interests, we can design a variety of promotional strategies, provide a door prize, and include a charity to attract more publicity.


The fee starts at $1,450 for our services and DallasBlue marketing, including marketing, promotion, a listing on our calendar, and ongoing editorial coverage in the DallasBlue Executive newsletter and LinkedIn group.  Venue and food and beverage costs may be extra.


Stay current

Join the DallasBlue Sponsors mailing list for the latest DallasBlue promotional news, events, and opportunities.



Payment is due at time of order. Pay here and send full order details, including date to reserve, to Marc Freedman at marc@dallasblue.com .


Want more promotion?


In addition to our normal event promotion, we also offer email blasts and other programs for maximum marketing. Check out list rentals, other promotions, and our full sets of sponsorship programs.



For more information, questions, or to sign up, contact Marc Freedman at (972) 200-3490 or marc@dallasblue.com .


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