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From Programs and Volunteers


DallasBlue Group Directors

Why be Blue?

What are you passionate about? We seek leaders to form and lead groups and develop programs. You not only do good for the community, but you also do good for yourself.

  • Position yourself as a leader in the group area.
  • Get excellent promotion to thousands of people throughout DallasBlue.
  • Network and make new contacts to secure business for yourself or your company.


Groups can be broad or specific, such as for CEOs, small business owners, women, wireless developers, etc.



Groups work when you take ownership, freely invest your time, and can fulfill your vision. So DallasBlue aims to give you as much responsibility as you can take and to make the group your own ... provided it meets your group’s objectives as well as meets DallasBlue’s goals, grows membership, and makes money. If you're up to the challenge, we can provide you the support, platform, and promotion of the large DallasBlue Business Network.


Group directors provide overall leadership for their group, Leadership Board, and members. It typically requires 2-4 hours a week, depending on meetings and the month.


The Director is a volunteer position. However DallasBlue is open to people who seek to make a significant long-term commitment and investment in time and/or resources to take the group to the next level of programs, generate a high level of group revenue, and share in the profits.


Group Formation and Annual Review


  • Develop short business plan that defines mission, scope, objectives, target members, and program plan
  • Build/review Leadership Board (recommended)


Ongoing activities

The Director is responsible for the following. These responsibilities may be delegated to the Leadership Board and other staff as appropriate.



  • Proactive leadership. You must take the reins, execute, and provide regular updates of your plans and progress. It's your community to build!
  • Direct the Leadership Group if there is one
  • Manage your calendar
  • Develop quality programs (at least quarterly) with schedule, speaker/program, collaterals
  • Secure speakers
  • Event planning
  • Propose event details with title, date and time, description, speakers if any, location requested, etc. to DallasBlue for comment and approval
  • Provide ongoing promotion of the Group among your business contacts and network.
  • Provide on-site support if corporate staff is limited or not available.
  • Maintain DallasBlue branding and resources where appropriate.
  • Work with DallasBlue to integrate and promote programs and events across all ~.DallasBlue



For maximum success the Director, and preferably the Leadership Board, should be actively engaged in the core activities above as well as:

  • Marketing
  • Membership
  • Group outreach
  • Member communications
  • Other programs and services. These can include fee-based membership programs, Expos, in-depth seminars, joint programs with other groups, consulting and advisory programs, discussion groups and forums, member directories, wikis, charity programs (these can be in consultation with the DallasBlue Volunteers group), etc.



DallasBlue provides a platform and basic services for:

  • Event and membership promotion throughout DallasBlue and the primary DallasBlue Executive newsletter
  • Group signup list
  • Group mailings. Just send us the copy and date you want it sent to the group. Regular group mailings can include industry news and member opportunities. Corporate-oriented news is typically provided on an advertising basis.
  • External marketing
  • Final approval on events and programs
  • Event page(s) with upcoming event details, general program and event copy, and event registration
  • Meeting and venue planning
  • Event registration and payment processing
  • Sponsorships
  • Calendar
  • Jobs



For more information, questions, or to apply, contact Marc Freedman at (972) 200-3490 or marc@dallasblue.com .

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