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Blue is pleased to work with community and similar partners.  Our community programs offer access to 30,000 members, 10,000 in Dallas, including 1,000 entrepreneurs. Contact us if you wish to be considered. 


Our community partner programs are designed for mutual low-level promotion, where:

  • You list and promote Blue/DallasBlue as a Partner and we similarly promote you.
  • We integrate our calendar with yours.


If you seek more direct and intense access to our members, such as advertising and sponsorships, visit Blue Promotions.


What we do for you


We feature Partners 3 ways.

Partner Listing


For an example click or hover on the Partner menu item on DallasBlue Entrepreneurs.


Please provide

  • A logo graphic (no larger than 100x50 pels or reasonably reducible to that size)
  • A URL for the graphic link


Community Calendar


We can incorporate your calendar and link to your events.  See our Community Events page for instructions on Adding your own listing whether enabling us to subscribe to your full calendar or to add individual meetings.




At least once a month, when we publish our newsletter we'll highlight Partner events in our Community Calendar.  You don't need to do anything for this program.  Just make sure your events are on our calendar.


What you do for us


Similar to our own requirements above, please provide your specifications for how you promote us and what media we need to provide you.



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