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Blue Deals

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Blue: The Business Networking and DallasBlue offer Blue Deals to enable companies to reach the large Blue audiences.   Blue Deals are a win for everyone.  Buyers enjoy great services with deep 50-90% discounts, similar to Groupon.  Merchants get free advertising and low cost marketing to a business and professional audience. 



You, the deal merchant, pay no money up front (unless you need custom help to create your deal ad and media). Deal sales are split 50-50 between you and the Deal service providers, which encompass the deal platform, DallasBlue, and any sales agents.



  • Get free advertising.  You pay nothing to get your name in front of 30,000 DallasBlue members. 
  • Have a national or Internet product or service?  We may be able to get you exposed to millions of GroupPrice customers.
  • Leverage staff and facilities.  If you have office space, equipment, staff, and licenses sitting idle, you earn nothing. You're losing money!  With Blue Deals you bring in real revenues.
  • Acquire customers.  While you may not earn a profit on the initial sale, that amount is going to be much less than your typical customer acquisition cost.  You make money when you sell other product and services and retain a customer for future business. 


Do Deals always work?

Of course not.  Advertisers misuse and waste money on deals, just like they do with advertising, home mailers, and online.


Deals aren't a magic marketing solution.  You should know your customer acquisition cost, which includes advertising, sales, and marketing expenses.  Typical businesses pay $100 - $1,000 just to get one customer.



You should USE deals if:

  • The Deal discount is lower than your customer acquisition cost.
  • You can't afford the up-front cost of advertising and other marketing.
  • You have unused capacity, such as your consulting time or restaurants with little traffic Monday through Wednesday.
  • You have a product with negligible incremental product costs like an ebook or subscription. 
  • Your service has a high profit margin to support a large discount.



You should LIMIT deals if they might strain your operations or finances.  You can restrict deals various ways:

  • Reduce the deal offer amount or discount.
  • Limit deal purchase total or by individual buyer.
  • Limit redemption, such as to certain days of the week.



You should AVOID deals if:

  • You have no problem getting business or walk-in traffic.
  • Your sales and marketing programs are efficient and giving you all the business you can handle.
  • Your acquisition cost is lower than a Deal discount.



  • Direct marketing to 30,000 opt-in members, including 20,000 in Dallas, via house mailing list and LinkedIn group
  • Custom marketing and social media programs to ensure the best deals for you and the buyer.  See the Zone Action Park Deal below for the full marketing power we can build for you.
  • Direct real-time access to buyer info with check-in (optional)
  • Buyer tracking via custom URLs and discounts for partners and groups (optional)


Creating Deals



Generally the minimum discount is 50%. Here are a few tips.

  • We like huge discounts, such as 90%.   They help us better market you and your offer. Often that is done with two deals - one for your main service that will attract most sales, and another that is high price and high discount that may get few sales but attract people because of the discount. Adding little used, typically free, or low cost services enables you to create a great offer with a huge discount.
  • Consider bundling products and services such as soda, exams, consulting, or a room rental with negligible out-of-pocket costs.  A lot of times you provide this free or as part of package anyway.  So there's no or little actual added cost but a high associated retail price that makes the discounts large.
  • One way to achieve high discounts AND high price is a subscription service.  Typically buyers don't fully use the subscription.  So you can discount the price even further.  For example, we sold an annual pass to Zone Action Park that included 4 rounds of miniature golf & 4 sodas every week.  The retail price was over $1,600.  We sold it for $195 for a savings of 88%.  


Custom Marketing

We are marketing experts.  If you want the most bang for your buck, let Blue create a customer marketing programs that be promoted over Blue and run with your Blue Deals.

  • Multiple offers will appeal to a wider audience for more sales.
  • Even greater discounts can be created to incent Early Bird and multiple purchase buys
  • Subscription passes create a high ticket item for more substantial revenues and often greater discounts for the customer.
  • Retail locations can check in buyers via web site or mobile app
  • Live event tie-in with more services and discounts  result in integrated and more powerful marketing for you.  They brings people into your location.
  • A staged program created multiple marketing and editorial opportunities to highlight launch, individual products, event, early bird pricing, etc.


Current Deals


Past Deals


Zone Action Park

  • 50-88% discount with multiple offers
  • Live Business Appreciation Day party event
  • Single discount pass could be redeemed for different services
  • Transferable pass encouraged business and group purchases 




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